New blog header today

My colleague Ben Nunney (who’s a Live@edu deployment specialist, a blogger, and a tweeter) sits behind me, and was mortally offended by my suggestion that you could do some nice graphic stuff in PowerPoint, and save yourself some Photoshop grief. I’d pointed out that the blog header was created in PowerPoint, because I could create overlays and gradients in PowerPoint (which I always had difficulty doing in Photoshop). Anyway, Ben’s a frustrated graphics designer, so last weekend he went home and started designing me a new blog header. In a few exchanges (with him sending me ideas mocked up in PhotoShop, and me sending back alterations done in PowerPoint Smile ) we arrived at the new header you see above.

And now we’ve both right – the final JPG file was created in Photoshop, and the design stage was done in PowerPoint. A nice happy truce. (And according to Ben, a nicer header!).

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