Looking for another Microsoft blog – take a look at the directory

My colleague Daniel Good, keeps a directory of all of the Microsoft team blogs – those that are run by, or on behalf of, Microsoft teams. It’s a really handy reference if you’ve got a burning interest in a subject, product or programme. It’s just been updated, and checking it out today I realised we have blogs for all kinds of stuff, like:

Of course, they’re not all as regularly updated as this one, or as beautiful Smile. But I bet that 99% of them are more technical. And the ones I’ve highlighted answer about 1/3 of the regular questions I get asked (and especially “How do I get a job at Microsoft?” question).

For individual blogs, then take a look at the Microsoft Technical Communities website – as well as pointing towards all the places you can go to discuss and get self-help, the blogs page lets you search all of the blogs written by individual Microsoft people, with just one search box. I only found that today, but already I’m addicted.

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  1. johnny_doyle says:

    very useful.

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