Help my writers block – are you a teacher, educator or practitioner

For years I’ve always written “teacher” when I’m writing about somebody who works in the classroom teaching.

eg ‘Resources for teachers are here’, ‘Whenever I stand up to talk to teachers…’

A few years back, with the arrival of teaching assistants, I decided to stick with it, because although there’s a ‘legal’ definition of a teacher which excludes TAs, the word teacher just seemed to continue to fit.

But I’ve noticed over time that official documents have moved more and more to either ‘educator’ or ‘practitioner’. But I’m still doggedly writing ‘teacher’, because I’m foolish enough to think that it means more to more people, and it is easier to read (ie your head doesn’t have to do the translation).

And this morning I noticed on Twitter people I respect saying ‘Educator’ or ‘Practitioner’ when I’d have said ‘teacher’. So I think I may be way out of line, and it’s time to follow the policy documents. So here’s my question:

And once there’s a clear winner, then I’m going with it

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  1. neiladam says:

    Some of the "practitioner" drift is surely designed to take account of other contexts, especially lecturers in HE/FE? But it sounds more like you mean "doctor" 😉

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