Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips – 1 – Server Virtualisation

Each day I’ll write a short piece about each one of the money saving ideas in my BETT 2010 presentation.

Are you old enough to remember the first time that you realised that you needed a room to put the server in? Rather than just leaving it in the corner of a classroom or the technician’s office?

Those days are long gone now. Every secondary school has now got a Server Room, some of which are converted broom cupboards, whilst others are purpose-built, purpose-cooled spaces. And the average secondary school has probably got ten servers sitting inside them, because they’ve simply grown like topsy.

imageThat’s exactly what Steve Gillott at Wootton Basset School had – 13 physical servers, with 13 support contracts, and 13 lots of electricity and cooling usage. And recently, Steve’s been saving money by turning 13 into 3 – by running virtual servers instead.

The bit that makes it very worthwhile to read more is the savings that he’s made through doing it:

  • 10 support contracts = Save £5,600 this year

  • Not replacing 10 servers = Save £24,000 this year

  • Electricity on 10 servers = Save £18,144 this year

In total, it saves £47,744 this year, and £23,744 every year after. Which is the equivalent of an NQT every year.

Which school wouldn’t want to save that kind of money?

You can read all about Steve’s project case study on the website of Clarity Advisors, who are his Microsoft partner.

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  1. Michelle Williams says:

    Love this blog…will be using some of this info to backup my plans for efficiencies in my school!!

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