Off-the-wall ideas for a brave new world of global connections

This week’s TES ran the headline “Off-the-wall ideas for a brave new world of global connections”, over an article about our thinking on touchscreen displays. Richard Vaughan’s story concentrates on where we may end up in the future, with students using touchscreens as big as walls to link classrooms all over the world within the next decade.


It actually feels like we’re in the middle of an evolution now – as technology changes rapidly. The last decade has seen a race to install Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms, which support didactic teaching, and last year at BETT we showed the Microsoft Surface, a table-sized interactive computer that demonstrated how you can draw students together to collaboratively solve problems – and the huge crowds on the stand also showed the motivational effect of new technologies, not just on students!

This year at BETT, we’ve gone to the opposite extreme – to individual touchscreens on computers – bringing a similar kind of interactivity and interface at a significantly lower cost.

And the TES article looks forward to where we may go in the future:


So you could have a school in England interacting with a school in India, using the touch wall to write and have real-time translation working. With real-time translation we can open up more access to learning any time, anywhere. The role of the teacher and of the school will change.Endquotes

You can read the whole article on the TES website, or flick to page 25 in this week’s newspaper (8th Jan).

And if you are at BETT 2010, drop by our stand for a look at the Dell touchscreens we’re using – and also keep an eye out for the massive 72” touchscreen display on the PhiHong NLighten Technologies stand (Stand V2) which gives you an idea of where things are going. We’re going to be able to take their display to some events in the next couple of months, so hopefully it’ll be coming somewhere near you soon!

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