Top 10 ICT Money Saving Tips

At the BETT Show in London in January 2010, I have the luck of telling the story in our theatre called “Top 10 Money Saving Tips”. Of course, I had a few weeks to prepare, and a lot of help from individual schools who looked at their use of ICT and pointed out how it had helped save their school money.

The reason for doing the presentation was that we all know that there’s a bit of a budget crunch going on – and 80% of network managers in a recent survey reported that they’d had their ICT budget cut. But I’ve come across many examples of where a bit of spending on ICT had save a heap of spending on another part of the school budget. So I had one really simple goal: To help the ICT team in school to explain to the leadership team how they can help out the rest of the school. And this isn’t chicken-feed stuff – the very first idea I talked about was saving nearly £45,000 in one school. And plenty of the ideas were saving money in other budgets – like knocking up to £20,000 of the school electricity bill, or £40,000 of the reprographics and printing costs.

I hope that what I’m going to share will help you move the conversation 
I need £5,000 to upgrade some software
Can I go on a training course costing £1,000
If we invest £5,000 now, we’ll save £10,000 by the end of the year
which is the kind of thing that head teachers like to hear!

Every day, starting tomorrow, over the next two weeks I’ll share one of the tips each day, and hopefully build up a helpful stock of ideas for you to think of for next year. They are grouped into three money saving strategies:

imageAnd a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation is that there’s at least £150,000 of real savings to the school budget coming in these tips.

Here’s the list of what’s coming (they’ll turn into links each day):

Need the list quicker? Well, see you on the BETT stand every day, at 1 and 4:30!

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  1. Jon Nowicki says:

    Why remote access if you had a SharePoint Learning Platform everything could be on that ? or are you saying  SharePoint Learning Platforms are costly.

    Good tips

    What are your alternatives

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Jon,

    Four more days until I get that far down the list – unless you’re coming to BETT before.


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