BETT 2010 Freebies list

imageIt’s only a day away – and still a lot to do to get ready! However, I have managed to get together the freebie list from our stand – mainly because I know that there are some people who plan their BETT visit around scooping up the freebies, so here’s the list (in all cases, you’ll find these things on the main Microsoft stand, just inside the Grand Hall).

  • USB Memory Sticks: We’ve got 10,000 USB memory sticks which we’re going to give away on the stand as they have the details of the competition we’re running as part of our Partners in Learning programme. The competition is for teachers to create short videos of how they use our technology to support learning, with a prize of 20 netbooks for the winner’s school.
    Just head for the demo area labelled “Partners in Learning”

  • DreamSpark: Did you know that your ICT students can get free copies of most of our technical software? It means that if you’re teaching something in class that uses programming tools, or some of the high-level graphics tools, that you can let them use it at home free (even if you don’t have a licence in school!)
    Just head for the demo area labelled “DreamSpark”

  • SharePoint Photo Gallery: Twnyham School, who are SharePoint whizzes, are on our stand all week, showing off their home-built Learning Gateway, and Mike Herrity has announced that they’re going to give away their SharePoint Picture Gallery webpart. If you’ve got a learning platform based on SharePoint, you can use this to turn photos in a document library into a slideshow carousel. Brilliant!
    Just head for the demo area labelled “SharePoint 2007 - Twynham School”

  • AutoCollage: Another freebie from the Partners in Learning programme – free licences for AutoCollage for education use.
    Again, just head for the “Partners in Learning” demo area.

Not coming to BETT? I’ll grab a pile of each of these on the first day of the show, and get them out to the first 100 people from the UK that drop me an email with your name and address*

 While you're here, let's have your thoughts in the Comments - What has been the best ever BETT freebie?

* Give me a few days to get it all in the post – it ain’t going to happen this week!

Comments (2)

  1. Ray Fleming says:

    I’ll get the ball rolling by nominating last year’s EduGeek USB button as being very cool.

    And I’m not going to name the colleague who once received a pair of company-branded boxer shorts at the after-show party (it’s a long story, a long time ago, and a different company. Phew)


  2. vikpaw says:

    Last year i got an awesome mug from the Capita stand.

    It’s a dark blue coffee mug, and you can barely read the writing on it, until you add some hot coffee at which point the whole thing turns white and you can see the SIMS logo and read the writing.

    "For those who teach, who plan, who manage…(and drink coffee)"

    Pretty damn good.

    Obviously also, the edugeek button is an invaluable tool in the IT support person’s arsenal. =)

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