Kristen and Stuart get an EduBlog nomination for Teaching Ideas and Resources blog

Talk about hiding your light under a bush. I’ve just found out, through reading the pages of EduBlog awards site, that our Teaching Ideas and Resources blog, written by Kristen and Stuart, has been shortlisted in the “Best elearning/corporate education blog 2009” category.

If you’re not sending staff in your school to their blog, then you probably should be – it is full of good stories about enhancing learning using ICT, and they have a regular pot of software giveaways that will appeal to classroom teachers.

First, take a look at their blog, and if you think it is worthy, give them your vote in the EduBlog Awards?

Neither Kristen nor Stuart have mentioned this nomination, so it seems I have to do their plugging for them…

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  1. youngdriversleonj says:

    Thank you for sharing Kristen and Stuart, but I want to get to know more about it…can you help?

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