Making a beautiful SharePoint site for a school

I know that lots of people are using SharePoint in their school – or have it provided to them by their local authority. When you install SharePoint “out of the box”, it is fair to say that it isn’t something that whacks you between the eyes shouting out “I’m beautiful. Look At Me!”. But that’s perhaps not surprising where people have many different uses for it, and almost everybody that sees it comes up with yet another use for it schools.

Thumbnail of the web album But there are some common uses, such as providing a document storage and collaboration system, or supporting the workflow for a learning platform (you may not realise it, but many of the Becta certified Learning Platforms run on top of SharePoint, as it invisibly handles all of the workflow underneath). And now schools are turning to it to run their public-facing websites too – because you can use exactly the same skills to control the content on a public website as you do for your internal SharePoint. Which means that a well-designed website can be updated by non-technical users (making it easy for the staff in the school office to update the announcements, or publish newsletters and notices).

And so the inevitable question that gets asked is “Can I make it look better?”. And to help, I’ve put together a “Good Looking Education SharePoint Websites” album from UK sites.

The latest one that I’ve seen is the Twynham School VI Form in Dorset, where they’ve had professional designers creating a look and feel that is just stunning – and then the programmers in school have turned it into a reality.

Twynham School's VI Form website 

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the album, and then go and explore your favourites – the URLs are shown at the bottom of each picture.

If you don't have access to SkyDrive in your school, then you can download a PDF version of the album

Do you know of another one to add? Just drop me an email with a URL



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