Windows 7 building up steam in schools

You may remember a while ago I mentioned that almost 1 in 5 readers of this blog are running Windows 7.

To be honest, that’s nagged at me for a while. Because I’ve worried that it means that I’m only “preaching to the choir” – ie the readers of the blog are only the super-keen Microsoft lovers. Although some of the emails I get would prove that wrong 🙂

So I thought I’d check elsewhere, and asked Chris at EduGeek what their statistics were showing. EduGeek is a big community of network managers and technicians from schools in the UK (and latterly in other countries too). His answer (after duly consulting the web logs) was 14%. Not quite matching my 19%, but considering that it is a much more diverse community, its still a surprisingly good number.

The whole table was:

Windows XP 56%
Windows Vista 17%
Windows 7 14%
Mac OS 7%
Windows 2003 2%
Ubuntu 2%
Linux 1%

You can read the EduGeek statistics on their website – and if you don’t know EduGeek already, then it’s worth considering popping onto their website more regularly.

There’s something that I don’t get in this table (and it was the same in my earlier version) – 2% are browsing the web using Windows Server 2003. Must be a statistical oddity – or there’s more going on the in the school Server Room than we all think!

Comments (4)

  1. davecoleman146 says:

    I think the number of win 7 users will go up but people may still be suffering the "Vista Effect" and sticking with the much loved XP, but with more events and blog posts to show it is safe to dip your toe in the water it will swing in favour of win 7. Or are they all going with the usual reason "Wait for service pack 1"

  2. arichards says:

    I think the number of Windows 7 users is bound to increase over time. Given the lateness of the release in August I imagine a lot of Schools are waiting until next Summer to undertake their roll out.

  3. mlporter says:

    @arichards: I know that when we rebuilt our network over the summer, we talked about Windows 7, but the mid-late summer release made it logistically impossible.

    Had 7 been released a month or two earlier, I’m sure that the 14% mentioned above would have been at least doubled.  As an IT dept. we’ve all been using it on our laptops since Beta, with very little complaint, and are looking at small scale deployment soon.

  4. AngryTechnician says:

    The previous NM in my post used to have a keyboard and mouse attached to all the servers and would routinely download files and browse documentation using them. One would hope that wasn’t common practice, but it might be more common that we’d like.

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