The Innovative Teachers Network is nominated in the BETT Awards

image Yesterday, I learnt that the Innovative Teachers Network has been nominated and reached the shortlist for the BETT Awards 2010*. Of course, this is great news, and especially for Kristen Weatherby and Stuart Ball who have spent the last two years getting the website going, and building the community of teachers on it. It has now got to a new level of maturity because of all of the classroom lesson plans that are available to download, with some excellent resources, not just from UK teachers but from others around the world.

We had no idea it had been nominated for an award so it was a surprise. Perhaps if we’d known we wouldn’t have changed its name last week to the Partners in Learning Network. Maybe we’ll be the first winner to have been nominated as one thing, and win as another!

You can find out more about it, and what it does on our Teachers blog

And here’s three thoughts if you don’t actually teach yourself, and are surrounded by colleagues that do:

  1. Help your closest teaching colleagues by giving them a link to the “Teaching Ideas and Resources blog” (Blog link)
  2. Help all of your teaching colleagues by adding the RSS feed to your school’s learning platform or website (RSS link)
  3. And for those who won’t be affected by either of the above? Persuade them to sign up for email alerts from the blog – so that every other day they’ll get a helpful email with a teaching idea (How to subscribe by email)
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  1. best websites says:

    Great news! Best regards to Stuart Ball and Kristen Weatherby who have spent 2 years getting the website going, and building excellent community of best world teachers on it.

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