Free staff training – the UK Innovative Teachers Forum


Kristen and Stuart, who run our Partners in Learning programme, spend their time helping teachers to get most effective use from ICT in their classroom. They have found that one of the most effective ways to help teachers is to give them time to share experiences with other teachers, learn from innovators, and reflect on their own teaching practice. And sometimes that means getting out of school!

There are still free places available for exactly that at the Innovative Teachers Forum in Birmingham on 1st December. With a theme of “Connecting Learners, Connecting Teachers”, it promises to be a good day because some of the best there are some inspiring speakers.

In fact, I’ve just ditched three meetings from my diary and decided I’m going to go too, as I haven’t heard John Davitt speak for a year, and it’s time for top up from his inspirational jumble of ideas.

If you’ve got a favourite teacher that you’d like to move up the ICT learning curve, then let them know about it, and send them this link with the details of the day and registration. Surely somebody deserves a day out of the classroom?

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