The summer’s most popular blog posts

For those of you who didn’t hang around to upgrade your networks, grapple with new furniture, install audio visual equipment, or enjoy the blissful student-free corridors, welcome back.

What did you miss? Well, whilst your back was turned I managed keep on blogging at an increasing rate – and whilst not every post is worth going back to, here’s a list of the most read posts from the summer holidays:

  1. What does Windows 7 run on
    A runaway winner, thanks to links from all kinds of Windows forums
  2. Shift Happens UK download
    Will this ever make it’s way out of the blog hit parade?
  3. Slides from the Windows 7 in Education event
    Actually, the event invite got more readers, but it’s history, so better to look at the slides
  4. Do you work during your holidays?
    A look at the “Out of Office” phenomenon
  5. We’re going on a Quango Hunt
    Making light of the CPS report, and giving you a poll to quash a quango
  6. Where are all the freebies now the budget’s cut
    An update on where to find Microsoft’s free stuff
  7. How fast can Windows 7 go?
    Only posted yesterday, but already in the top posts list

If you want to read the rest, you’ll have to look for them yourself – just click on the “+” sign next to “Archives” in the left hand bar, and you can see them all. I’ve just noticed a wrote 32 this summer.

But my favourite (to write) wasn’t in the Top 10. It was actually “A week in Atlanta – Technology, Cheese and Soda” – about a visit to the World of Coke. I suspect that it’s not in the Top 10 because most people have more sense!

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