How they sell a ‘laptop for students’ scheme Down Under

In Australia, the New South Wales government have committed to provide 200,000 students with their own laptop – and over the next few months they’ll be rolling them out at 5,000 a week. You can read more about their approach on ZDNet. And soon every Year 9 to 12 student in NSW public schools will have a wireless laptop – with the Year 9 students getting theirs by the end of the year.

Obviously it’s a big-budget programme, and I was fascinated to see that the Education Department in NSW have created an appropriate big-budget video to talk about the programme. It appears to be designed to sell the idea to students, and just as importantly to parents, to ensure it gets off to a good start.

Watch the video

And in a major achievement, they’ve managed to avoid too much technical or pedagogical language – making it seem much more real.

I noticed too that there’s a NSW Public Schools channel on YouTube. Not just for technology, but for all the things they want to talk to parents about – such as cyber-safety, a parent’s guide to Facebook etc. And every parent of primary age children will understand why their Head Lice video is second in the “most watched” stakes.

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