The Data Protection Act and exam results

One of the websites I read via its RSS feed is that of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). And you need to read today’s release before your students!


Students receiving exam results this summer can find out more about their grades by using their rights under the Data Protection Act. Guidance produced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) explains how students can access personal exam records. Endquotes

I saw this through their Press Releases page (honestly, it sounds like ICO press releases would be quite, hmm, boring, but there’s never a dull moment, especially when you think through the implications of some of the things they say for your school!).

They say more about the issue in their press release (PDF) and in the ‘Youth’ section of their website.


I notice that three of four tabs on the page have been used, and the orange one is waiting for the next issue to be covered. Worth keeping an eye on…

As an aside, if anybody thinks that Information Security in your school isn’t important, then you might want to send them the link to the Press Releases page and point out how many they publish a week, and how critical they are of people who don’t adequately protect personal data.

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