Do you work during your holidays?

When I take a holiday, I like to really take a holiday. Which means I don’t check my email, I leave my phone off unless I can't avoid it, and I generally try to relax. My boss has just started a 10 week sabbatical* – a very extended holiday – and he’s definitely not checking his email, voicemail etc. But the culture of some workplaces, and of some people, is that if you’re on holiday you still check, just in case. Which means sometimes people’s Out Of Office message is an Out-Of-Office-but-still-in-touch message.

But today, I laughed when I got an Out Of Office message from a colleague who obviously won’t be checking his email while he’s away:


I'm now out of the office until Monday 24th August, during which time I will be driving nearly the length of England, as I shall be starting in Poole and ending in the Lake District.  During this time I shan't be checking email or voicemail - partly due to my not wanting to check mail on holiday, and also partly due to the fact that I shall mostly be in the middle of nowhere where I fear that my Windows Mobile Phone may not get signal, or may get me investigated for witchcraft. Endquotes

I like his style.

ps just after publishing this post, I was told about this BBC Magazine story about Out Of Office replies. Gave me some more ideas...

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  1. AngryTechnician says:

    I’d love to be able to answer, but I’m a little confused. What are these "holly-days" of which you speak? They sound fascinating.

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