INSET training materials and videos for September 09 – Part One

It may be a little early to write this, but I’m aware that some of you will be starting to think (perhaps subconsciously) about starting next term well. And for many schools this will mean the day before the pupils arrive – the INSET day.

For the benefit of readers outside of the UK, INSET stands for “IN-SErvice Training” – a day when the school is open, but the pupils aren’t in, and it is used for whole-school staff training. They’re also known as “Baker Days”, named after Ken Baker, once the Education Minister, who enshrined the right for teachers to get these training days.

Somebody in your school will be thinking about how to engage, enthuse and inform everybody in your school, and I thought that I’d share a few of the resources we have available.

Today, video downloads for INSET

It’s easy for me to forget all of the videos that we have made (and it’s certainly easy to forget where they all are!) so here’s a list of videos that might make excellent INSET training materials.

Videos with a technology theme

  1. Shift Happens Shift Happens UK Education Version (6 mins)
    It’s old, it’s been used at many education conferences, but there’ll be some people who will see this for the first time and be wowed.
    And as an alternative, there’s a version made by Sony, for a conference, which doesn’t have the UK Education content, but is much more interactive.

  2. Still from Future of Productivity video The Future of  Productivity (6 mins)
    This video is a look into the future of work, and it does provide an excellent way to introduce a discussion about the skills sets needed by pupils when they leave school – as it illustrates what their working lives might be like. Although it might seem very futuristic, a pupil starting in reception in September will enter the workforce in 2030!
    This is also a great conversation starter if you want to start a “What are we hear for?” debate!

  3. Video still The Future Vision Montage (2 mins)
    This video is a montage across a range of different scenarios – the banking, health, manufacturing and retail – looking at the future role of technology. It is another video which is great to start a discussion about the world students are going to be working in.

Videos with an education technology theme

  1. Broadclyst Innovative School video snapshot Innovative School case study videos (37x4 mins)
    This series of videos, from September last year, features staff, students and parents from four schools from around England, talking about the strategic use of ICT in their schools. There are chapters about change management, the student experience, learning outcomes, parents’ experiences, school administration, the view of their local authority, how ICT fits into their strategy, and the schools’ future aspirations.
    There are case studies from one primary school (Broadclyst) and three secondary schools (New Line learning, Bowring and Shireland).
    In total there are 37 videos to choose from.

  2. image Surface in the classroom (5 mins)
    This video, filmed at Churchend Primary School in the UK, shows how new technologies like Surface, might be used in the classroom – and the reaction of teachers and pupils.
    I’m not suggesting this because you might be considering a Surface for your school, but to use to open teachers thinking to other ways of using technology in the their lessons.
    (We were quite chuffed to see this video make it to one of only two videos featured on the worldwide homepage)
    There is also a “behind the scenes” video about the production of this.

  3. Vision for Technology in schools Vision for technology in schools (4 mins)
    This video was produced by the American Microsoft team to demonstrate how today’s technology might be integrated together to deliver a future learning experience.

  4. Marsh Academy video Marsh Academy’s 1:1 story (5 mins)
    If you’re starting a 1:1 laptop scheme for your students this autumn OR are wanting to get a head start on thinking about how you benefit from next spring’s Home Access programme. There are two videos – an overview and the main story. There is also a written case study on Marsh Academy too

Videos with an education strategy theme

  1. 6i video still 6i Development Process
    An introduction to the six-stage process which can be used to guide decision-making when you’re planning to build a new school, restructure an existing building or classroom, or work on another type of large project. There’s more about the 6i process at the Innovative Schools website.

This list is of video INSET training materials – in a few or so I’ll do a list of presentation and other materials which you might find useful too.

If you need high resolution versions of any of these videos, then drop me an email or send me a tweet and I’ll see what I can do

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