Good Blogging Guide – Using Twitter for engagement in Government

Following on from the Good Blogging Guide series last month, I’ve been keeping an eye on things which might change or supplement the advice. Today, I’ve come across something that adds a new dimension to the ‘blogging code of practice’ section.

The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has a a Head of Corporate Digital Channels – Neil Williams – who has shared some of his advice on the strategy for the use of Twitter by Government Departments. Unlike some of the examples I gave in the Code of Practice, which has 2 or 20 words, it is longer – at 20 pages – but partly this is because it contains more context to the ideas.

Neil has shared the whole document – including key objectives and measures of success; risks and mitigations – that provides an excellent reference. Although it was written thinking of central government departments, it provides a good starter for educational users.

As a new Twitter user myself, it also gives useful hints on tools to use to enhance engagement with other Twitter users.

You can read all of Neil’s advice here

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  1. samnoreen345 says:

    I love twitter. I have been using twitter for a while and I am enjoying it like forever. = )

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