Steve Beswick’s keynote from the Learning Gateway conference

At last week’s Learning Gateway Conference, organised by Alex Pearce and Richard Willis, Steve Beswick, gave the opening keynote where he talked about a general overview of the Microsoft UK Education business, and some of the strategies for our engagement with education, and considerations for the future.

If you were there, you might want to download his slides, which are now available.

My slides,on Information Security, are already available through this page

If you weren’t there, it won’t be the same to just read the slides, but you might be interested in some of the statistics on slide 22, about the scale of data services that we’re currently running, with:

  • 2 billion Live Search queries/month

  • 10 billion MSN page views/month

  • 30 billion Live ID authentications/month

  • 240 billion Messenger messages/month

Now I know that my teenager isn’t the only one that seems to talk to her friends more through technology than face-to-face.

Many of these services tend to be used by students significantly more than by schools – for example, Exchange 2010, which will be launched next year, is already used by almost 10 million students on our Live@edu hosted email service. And I think that trend will accelerate – that students will adopt new technology faster and faster, challenging the rest of us to keep up.

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