Monkseaton High School’s story of innovation

During BETT week in January quite a few colleagues from the worldwide education team visited the UK. After BETT was over, whilst some came on a roadtrip with us (see the stories from the trip), others headed off to individual schools.

image Jeff Daniels, who’s our ‘Worldwide Industry Manager for Schools’, went north to visit Monkseaton High School just above Newcastle, and spent some time catching up on their epic journey of educational transformation. I’ve previously mentioned their Spaced Learning project, and the media have relayed plenty of others (remember Laura not getting into Oxford?).

One of the things that Jeff heard was about their use of data to build a holistic picture of each of their students, and the way that is used to engage with all areas of their learning, as well as to add specific interventions.

As Paul Kelley, the Headteacher said:


We can use technology to collect data quickly and intervene early to personalize education for students. Then we can actually bring the technology into the learning environment, the administration, and the business of running the school, and bring it all together to support the whole student, the whole child. Endquotes

He came away deeply impressed by what he had seen, and wanted to capture their story for other schools outside of the UK to read, and so he commissioned an American writing team to interview them and document some of their work.

The resulting article looks at the story from the perspective of Paul Kelley, the head, as well as individual classroom teachers.

It’s been structured under 5 headings, making it easier to dip into the bit you might be interested in:

  • Collecting the data
  • Deploying the technology
  • Personalising the learning
  • Engaging the parents
  • Improving the outcomes

You can read the full Monkseaton story on our worldwide case studies website

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  1. says:

    I read the case study, this is cool. Thanks for posting about this.

    It will be good and useful for rest of us to know more about this project. Can you share some videos or screenshots of this application and may be some more technical details.

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