Information Security presentation from the Learning Gateway Conference

At today’s Learning Gateway Conference, I talked about the Becta Information Security guidelines. My perspective was “here’s the Becta official advice, and here’s my take on an action plan for you”. Even though the subject was Information Security, and it was after lunch, the hour seemed to whizz by (and nobody fell asleep!).

I promised to make my slides available, so here’s the Information Security presentation download.

If you weren’t there (and where were you?) then this set of slides may not be the clearest way to understand the issues without the associated talk, so I’m going to turn some of the presentation, and the story I told, into some blog posts here over the next week. (Of course, if you can’t wait, rush straight over to

If it would help, I can also see if I can get hold of a copy of the audio recording, and pop the two together. Would that be useful?

The slides from Steve Beswick's keynote are here

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