Good Blogging Guide – Did I get onto the first page of Google?

On Wednesday I wrote a blog post on how to improve your blog’s position in search engines, as part of my “Good Blogging Guide” series. It was all about search engine optimisation for blogs, and gave some simple to follow strategies. My goal was to demystify Search Engine Optimisation (SE) by writing an ‘SEO in plain English’ guide.

As a throwaway idea at the end of the post, I thought I’d better try and demonstrate that it works – although I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out. This is what I said:

Can I really prove it works?

Let’s experiment shall we...

Currently my blog doesn’t show up at all when you search for ‘seo in plain english’ or ‘search engine optimisation for blogs’  – which isn’t a surprise, because I haven’t pressed publish yet. So let’s see if anything has happened by the end of the week

Check for yourself here:

SEO in plain english (currently 163,000 results)

Search engine optimisation for blogs (currently 26,500,000 results)

So what happened?

I can’t actually believe it! Hence my over-the-top, intended-to-be-humorous, created-2-minutes ago, graphic:


By Wednesday afternoon, about an hour after publishing, the second search was already showing up on the first page of Google.

By Thursday morning, the second search was on the first page still and the first search was on Page 3

And now it is the end of the week, I just checked to see what has happened:

The first search, “SEO in plain English” is now on the Google third page, at position 3 (amended to reflect Thom's comment)

image (I’m thinking that to get above a website called “”
would require a miracle – although the site appears to be dead, so there’s a chance)

And the second search, “Search Engine Optimisation for blogs”, is on the Google first page too, at position 1 and 2:


And other phrases? Well, the whole series has also turned up on the first page at position 2, 2, 5 and 7 if you search for phrases like Good Blogging Guide (for which there are 2 billion pages!). It also makes it to page on of Google when searching on the tenuous phrase blogging page one of Google

It has suprised me – I hadn’t really expected to see that kind of result. I’m going back over my blog to “SEO” some other bits! After all, it was only four simple steps. (Or maybe I should go and write the book…)

* Apologies to my colleagues in the Bing team, who will be smouldering about the fact I’m talking about Google. Take a look at my original post to see why.

Comments (3)

  1. I have to admit that in a tweet when you originally blogged that you were doing this I joked about needing a guide for doign the same with Bing, but I have since thought a bit more … why *am* I using Google all the time?

    So, from 1st July, I am going Google-free.

  2. ThomMck says:

    I hate to potentially burst your bubble but it looks like you are signed in to Google. This will personalise your search results based on previous habits/history.

    When I do a search it turns up on page 3.

    Bad Luck.

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Thom,

    I hadn’t considered that. And although one of the searches is unaffected “Search Engine Optimisation for blogs”, the other one “SEO in plain English” does indeed drop to page 3.

    I think my point is still valid, but not quite as strongly?

    And the search for “Good Blogging Guide”, which is the term used across the series, still comes up on page 1, in positions 2, 3, 5 and 7!


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