Sir, I’ve lost my memory stick


You probably have a policy for them – the ubiquitous memory stick. Not that many years ago I was excited when I got my first 16MB one, and now everybody’s got them. They are wonderful. UNLESS they happen to contain the only copy of a file, and they go missing. Or you forget to bring them in on the day you needed the info (“I’ve done my homework, but I’ve left my memory stick at home Sir”). We’ve been suggesting for a while that students use either SkyDrive or Office Live Workspace to store files online instead. No more USB memory sticks plugged into your computers, and a lot lower risk from viruses and inappropriate files (because you can pass everything through your web filters). It also means that they can share work with other students if they choose, and collaborate in groups. And in the case of Office Live Workspace, they can Open & Save into their storage on the web, directly from Office. And they are both free.

But, it’s a bit of a boring subject isn’t it? Until you’ve lost your memory stick. (A bit like doing PC backups – boring until it’s too late!)

So the Office Live Workspaces team have created a video that just might appeal..

Ever wondered where student’s lost memory sticks end up?

So now you know.  You can encourage students to use their free Office Live Workspace individually, and we are also working with some of the Regional Broadband Consortia to provide it as a free service to all of your students through the Live@Edu service

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