How to Blog Better in education with MirandaMod

I have spent the afternoon and evening today at the Institute of Education in London, participating in a series of workshops about blogging practice in education – specifically in the context of schools. I had been invited to talk about my experiences of blogging both personally and professionally, and cover again some of the material that I’d talked about at the blogging workshop.

Subjects included everything from “why blog” to “how do I get on the front page of the search engines”. And the thorny challenge of how to safely blog within an institutional mindset that might not understand it.

We moved from generic blogging discussions onto looking at blogging within a classroom context, which was a different approach all together.

You can get the mindmaps from the meeting on the Mirandamod wiki and download my “Blogging Good Practice” slides from my Skydrive.

Hopefully the recordings of the meetings will also shortly be available, which I think will be much more useful, because they will capture the deeper discussions, and the practical experiences and opinions from everybody in the meeting – physically and virtually.

It’s been a really interesting experience, and makes me determined to turn my PowerPoint presentation into a series of blog posts – because the PowerPoint slides don’t really carry enough of the information.

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  1. kristianstill says:

    I did not overlook your first comment about a need for ‘blogging practice in education’ but wished to comment on the second.

    Isnt blogging about professional accountability to yourself primarily (afterall your comments/plans are now open) and engaging with a potential educational community? A sincere effort to reflect on your professional practice?

    Today I received a reply from an Open source company in India looking at our use of Spark – not a connection that would readily come the way of a small secondary school in Hampshire.

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Kristian,

    I agree with you that it begins and ends with "you", because blogging is a personal experience.

    Your comment also reminded me about another part of the discussion – "How to get readers" – which included the advice ‘Add comments on other people’s blogs, with a link back to yours’ 🙂


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