Bing and StatCounter

I use a web service called StatCounter on this blog, to keep an eye on where my readers are coming from, and what they are interested in.

As well as detailed stats, it also gives me interesting maps like this, which shows me where the readers are located:


Search Engines – in the US and Europe

Logging on this morning, I also discovered that they track search engines, and had a story on their blog about, and the jump in use since it was launched last week.

The chart below tells the story, with jumping to second most used search in the US.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

I changed the chart, to look at use in Europe (unfortunately they don’t have the same kind of stats for just the UK), which showed that in Europe Google is overwhelmingly the number one search engine (note the scale difference), and also that habits haven’t changed that much since Bing arrived. The stats look like this:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

I can now understand why, especially in the Europe, getting onto the first page of Google results matters so much. The research shows only a minority of people ever go beyond the first page, so if you show up on page 2 of a web search, you don’t exist for the majority of web users!

Comments (2)

  1. arichards says:

    We also use statcounter for our blogs and website. You can get some very detailed reports.

    As for Google – how do you get on the first page then.

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Alan,

    Have been in another meeting this afternoon, and talking about this area. So I will write up this as a blog post soon.


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