Learning Gateway Conference on 15th July in Birmingham

Alex Pearce, from Great Barr School in Birmingham, is the UK’s only Microsoft MVP for education (MVP= Most Valued Professional), which means he has access to early product information, and worldwide communities of SharePoint specialists. A lot of what Alex does is related to his school’s Learning Gateway, and also in helping other schools in understanding the capability of what they could do with theirs. He was speaking about SharePoint Governance in Education at the EduGeek conference on it last week.

Well, now Alex has put together the “Learning Gateway Conference” on 15th July at The Belfry, near Birmingham (Yes, The Belfry). As Alex says:

FirstquotesIt is promising to be the best education SharePoint event this year for both technical and non-technical staff. Whether you are a Network Manager, VLE Co-ordinator or Head Teacher you will find this conference an opportunity to learn from industry recognised experts speaking about the technical best practice of the Learning Gateway and how to get your staff, pupils and parents engaged and secure. In addition you'll be able to network with your peers and see how others are pushing forward their Gateway.


Whether you are running your own Learning Gateway or using a hosted solution such as LP+, Shirelands Learning Gateway or RM Kaleidos, you will find any one of the sessions useful to enhance your environment for all.

For more details of what the conference covers and who should go please see the track overviews.

Visit the website: http://www.learninggatewayconference.co.ukEndquotes

The conference costs £150, and given the range of speakers and subjects, I think that it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell the day to the senior management team. (Just print out the Agenda from the site, and take it to the meeting). Especially as the government’s online reporting, learning platform and e-portfolio deadlines start rushing towards us.

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