How will Windows 7 help schools – Part Four – Getting new computers into a classroom quickly

Oh, joy. A new batch of computers has arrived in school. There’s anti-theft marking to do, security screws to add, mice to clamp and that’s all before all of the actual deployment has to be done – getting them out to the right classroom, with the right software.

Well, Windows 7 has invented some new acronyms to help with the software bit. It’s got DISM, which is the natty name for Deployment Image Servicing and Management, which combines the functionality of several image-management tools that were available in Windows Vista. According to the MS Learning team, DISM will help you “deploy Windows images to computer systems efficiently and quickly”. Today’s “Learning Snack” describes the DISM tool and demonstrates some of the commands that administrators can use while preparing and servicing Windows images offline.

Learning Snack - Introducing Windows 7 

Learning Snack: Deployment Services in Windows 7 

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