Shift Happens to students

Of course, you’ll have seen the UK version of Shift Happens that I created in 2007 too many times already. But recently, I’ve been asked by various people to create mini-versions for specific events. And finally, the penny has dropped that I can share them with you if I used a copyright-free soundtrack.

They may be useful for you for parents evenings, or assemblies or staff meetings. This version is the one I created for a recent day for Diploma students in London, in conjunction with e-Skills, and is a two-minute, student focused, story that extracts the part of the story that talks about the world that students are going into.

You can download it from here

imageIn case you are interested, I created this version by selecting the slides I wanted from the original PowerPoint presentation, and then saving the presentation as a series of JPEG images (under Save As> Other Formats in PowerPoint 2007).

Each slide was then a separate image file.

And then finally I used Photo Story 3 for Windows (which is free) to animate it as moving pictures, with background music, and turn it into a movie. The result is a lot more pleasing than simple PowerPoint slides or animations, and actually takes almost no time at all.

I’m definitely going to use the same trick for more of my presentations, as it makes it look much better than a series of slides. And it automatically creates a copyright-free soundtrack (which are a pain to find sometimes).

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