Martin Bean at NAACE 2009

Martin Bean is my favourite Microsoft presenter. He delivers his presentations with fantastic passion,and really grabs you at an emotional level. In some ways, he always leaves me feeling inadequate, either because I aspire to reach his level of presentation skills, or because I sit thinking “What am I doing every day dealing with details, when I should be transforming something big”.

This morning, he presented a keynote at the NAACE Conference, and although I was originally scheduled to share the same stage (would have been a big moment for me) that was before I got bumped off NAACE to go and work on another thing. Fortunately a colleague stepped in to help with the demo in Martin’s keynote, but it meant I was only able to follow his presentation at a distance.

image Martin talked about the journey that we’re on in the use of ICT in education, and increasing student expectations. The slide above is a very neat summary of how ICT can support learning and the education system generally.

You can download his slides from here (as a PDF), and I’ve heard NAACE will be putting his keynote on YouTube soon (details as soon as I’ve got them)

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  1. Geraldo says:

    Yes, Martin Bean was terrific, and the message was well received — especially his emphasis on the importance of the teacher, which gathered many nods and murmurs of approval. The whizzy technology went down a treat, too. I wonder if anyone took him up on his offer to sign autographs which could be taken back home to the kids as proof that, "You met Mr Bean in Blackpool." I hope that Youtube posting happens by the way.

  2. olliebray says:

    I Really enjoyed this talk as well – tell me which bit of Hard Rock memorabilia was used for the deep zoom demo?

  3. Geraldo says:

    I was knocked out by the "Deep Zoom", and am currently boring people with descriptions of it (Anyone remember the books of art work on a similar principle? Can’t remember what they were called.) What I need to know, though, is what was the technological principle that was being demonstrated. Sorry to be thick about that.

  4. tellyheads says:

    Hi, I was on the video production team at NAACE, and can confirm that we filmed Martin Bean’s keynote presentation and also took extensive screenshots from the device he was using on stage with the overhead cameras.

    The Hard Rock memorabilia was varied, there was a letter from Paul McCartney to a fan, and the deep zoom into the stamp revealed branches of Hard Rock Cafe over the world, there was also Bo Diddley’s guitar I believe, and many more aspects of the Hard Rock project.

    We are now preparing the material for internet viewing, hosting it mostly on the video server as YouTube proved to be too unreliable and time consuming for the length of media needed to be hosted.

    It will be embedded on the NAACE website, along with all the other keynote speeches and seminars that were held in the Royal Suite.

    Links to all the media will be provided in due course.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    Anyway, as someone working extensively in ICT as a video producer/editor, as well as music engineer, I found the conference very interesting indeed, and particularly enjoyed the Martin Bean keynote.

    All the best!

  5. Geraldo says:

    Sorry to be boring, but I still don’t know exactly what the whizzy deep zoom was actually demonstrating — is it the facility to post very high resolution images on the web for example? Could it not be done before?

  6. olliebray says:

    @tellyheads – thanks found the example and created a short screen cast of it. Will post on my site soon. Did you capture my presentation in the Royal Suite?

    @Geralso – Deep Zoom demonstrates the seemless transition between images embedded within images. As far as i could make out the Hardrock example that was given was actually at least 6 core images all layerd on top of each other but made to look like one.

    The key for us is to try and look at the potential for this type of software in education. I think it could be great for digital storytelling and exploring the concepts of place.

  7. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi All,

    Took me a few days to find it, but there is a secret keyboard shortcut for Martin’s DeepZoom demo.

    First go to:

    Then press “v” to zoom fully in on the Beatles Easter egg – which you can then zoom out from and impress your friends 🙂


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