Keeping your teachers safe online

imageA teaching friend spent the half-term hobbled by the fact that their computer had been infected by a worm. And as it was half-term, they’d not been able to get support from the IT team at school, so they had spent a lot of time trying to fix their laptop themselves. What is odd is that it’s a school-provided laptop, so I would have thought it should have Auto-Updates, up-to-date anti-virus etc. But the worm attack seems to have been through a loophole closed by an update 6 months ago – which means they’ve not installed Windows updates since then.

I assume you probably manage your teachers’ laptops more closely, but here’s a timely link that you may want to share with your staff, because they probably have home computers that may not be kept to the same high update standards as yours. In the vast majority of cases these days, simply keeping a computer up to date with Windows Updates (and using up-to-date virus software) will protect you.

Protect your computer: Beyond the basics

This is a simple guide to handling computer viruses, written to help you learn how to prevent and remove malicious computer viruses, and keep your data safe

(The friend told me all about this as they were just about to take it into their technician yesterday morning. Probably saved my weekend from ruination! Mind you, we could have had a crack at the £180,000 reward)

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