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I have a colleague, Daniel Good, in the US, who runs a blog which exists purely to aggregate information from other Microsoft blogs. With the volume of information we publish regularly, it is sometimes tricky to find the right source of information but often there’s a blog out there, written by the team that are completely focused on the thing you want (like this blog, solely focused on information for UK Schools). So it makes a good starting point to go looking for specialist information.

imageThe blog is called “Blog MS – Official Microsoft Team Blogs”, and as of today indexes 214 Microsoft team blogs (ie written by a team responsible for something, rather than a single individual). Every week Daniel produces a summary of what’s been published on those blogs, so if you have a need for information this Monday morning, then you know where to go.

One of his interesting posts is the “Guide to Free Microsoft Software and Online Services”, which he’s assembled from information provided by colleagues. If you want to find some free Microsoft software, or a free online service, then this post is the place to go. It’s a long, long list, so if you want to find a freebie, make it your starting point.

(Assuming you haven’t found it first on the Microsoft UK Education site’s Free Stuff list)

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