Are you certifiable?


Normally by this point in term, with half-term just around corner, then often the answer is “YES”, but with so many schools closed for so many days these last fortnight, perhaps half-term next week doesn’t quite have the same magic as normal. But, just in case you want something to challenge yourself, or a few others in your school with, here’s a competition where the only reward is gloating rights!

Microsoft Learning have put together a new online game which is designed to help (and encourage!) system managers or developers to consider certification (as in, Microsoft certification, rather than men-in-white-coats-certification. Hmm, I wonder if over the Atlantic, they don’t have that second meaning, as in “Mark is certifiable”)

Anyway, if you want to find out if you’re certifiable, or you want to set up healthy competition between your IT people in or outside of school (or even amongst your VI Form students?), then this could be for you.

The game takes the form of a trivia show, and includes a broad range of technical questions geared towards one of two disciplines: Developer, or IT staff. Some of the questions appear to be taken straight from the pages of Microsoft Certification, so it looks like a primer for someone preparing to take a MS Certification exam. I managed some correct answers, but then got caught out by one of the “rogue” questions (does anyone know the nickname of the original Microsoft logo?).

Choose a character, select your field of expertise, and pit yourself against the entire online tech community in a quest for Tech IQ supremacy, a top spot on the leaderboard — and departmental bragging rights.

Check out the game at

You may also find yourself wandering down memory lane as yet again Clippy makes another satirical comeback. After having been P45’d out of Office a while back, he’s starting to make increasing appearances across various websites, with his new satirical hat on. My favourite places that he pops up is on David Salaguinto’s Office Offline blog, like in this cartoon below, and in “Are you Certifiable” he comes back as a quiz show contestant. All better than those times when he used to pop up and say “You look like you’re writing a letter. Would you like some help with that?”

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  1. Swiper says:

    I love the idea for "Are you Certifiable." Very cool.

    And thanks for linking to my comic.

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