Something for the weekend to-do list?

Stuck at home today/this weekend? Want something to do with your broadband connect?

For thousands of schools, it’s another day of disruption . And the forecast says this weather will continue over the weekend. I’m snowed in and working from home, which is normally not a problem because my kids are at school. But not today (or yesterday) - by about 4 o’clock they are getting restive, and asking when I’m finished so they can use the home computer (I annexed the desk, keyboard and screen for my work laptop).

Fortunately, I’ve just upgraded an old laptop with the Windows 7 Beta, so now they can do whatever it is they do (IM & StarDoll seem to be favourites at the moment) in the lounge whilst I get peace and quiet in the study. It’s a laptop that wasn’t really up to spec for Windows Vista, so it’s been good to see it running Windows 7 well.

If you haven’t downloaded the Windows 7 Beta yet, you might want to rush and do it today or over the weekend, as the download is only available until the 10th February, so get your copy now, even if you don’t intend to install just yet! (MSDN and TechNet Subscribers will have access for longer).

To get more information on Windows 7, check out the following resources:

The other thing worth mentioning is that on Thursday evening, Mark Russinovich will be hosting a meeting via live streaming called “Virtual Roundtable : Windows 7: To the Beta and Beyond”. It’s on Thursday 12th Feb at 7pm, so you’ve got chance to grab your dinner and a cup of tea before settling down to watch (you’d miss The One Show, minus a presenter, and EastEnders, so an extra bonus to consider?)

Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of subject matter experts for a live discussion of what's in store for IT pros with Windows® 7. Learn about the evolution of features like Group Policy, BitLocker™ To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache™, and Software Restriction then get tips on troubleshooting, deployment, and application compatibility. Bring your questions—Mark and the panel will answer as many as they can during the hour-long event, then publish the rest in a Q&A after the event.

 Sign up for it here

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