Thank goodness for the stuff that lets me work from home

Thursday. 5:15 am. The radio says “blah blah…7 inches of snow all over the Cotswolds. Don’t go out unless you need to. No school buses running...blah blah”

So what did I do? Jumped up, thinking “Well, I’d better get going now, because it’ll take me longer than usual to get to the office”. A BAD PLAN. I managed to get off the driveway, and even out of the village. But after 2 miles, at the second hill I came to, I was going backwards more than forwards. Then the police closed the road ahead (accident). So I turned around, without getting stuck, to head home.

That’s when I met The Hill From Hell. Even with wide tyres, traction control and every button pressed, I couldn’t get up it. In 8 attempts, I managed to get half-way 7 times, and stuck in a ditch once. I was all ready to abandon, and walk home (only a mile in 5 inches of snow) when I was rescued by a snow plough driver who cleared and gritted in front of me, on our minor country roads.

imageI got back home at 7:15am, announced to the kids they were obviously going to be getting the day off, and celebrated the fact that I live 400 yards away from a gritting depot (which has always annoyed me before - big bright sodium lights left on 24x7x365. Suddenly I’m feeling much kinder to them!)

Now I’m happily sitting in the warmth, joining all of my meetings by Office Communications Server (which is also handling all of my phone calls) and I’ve even gone the extra mile and plugged in my webcam so that people in meetings can see me (works for me, not sure whether they like it!). The good news is that it means I can work exactly the same as I do in the office. The bad news is that I really, really want to go and join the kids for a snowball fight.

Actually, given that I’ve been going at it since 7am, I’m going to go and take a slightly longer lunch break and throw a snowball at them. Put a bit of LIFE in the Work/Life balance.

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  1. Jon Nowicki says:

    Orange Sodium lights. Sorry to tell you Ray its a maximum security prison not a gritting station.

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Note my sickly palor on the webcam. My secret’s out. Now you know why nobody’s ever met me in real life 🙂

  3. Jon Nowicki says:

    Ray I thought you were a Borg!!

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