OneNote and Learning Styles

Last year, I wrote about the booklet on OneNote and Learning Styles produced by Ole Lauridsen from the Aarhus School of Business, Denmark.

Late last year, Ole visited the Microsoft Campus in Seattle and gave a talk about his project, and explained more of the background to supporting different learning styles through the use of ICT. There are two ways to find out more. You can either watch the video below (good for a day like today, when thousands of schools are closed in the south of England), or you can read his full paper, which is on Mike Tholfsen’s blog. Here’s the abstract:

“There are many learners at all levels who know about their learning styles strengths, but are not familiar with an adequate ICT platform that supports these strengths. For these learners the Microsoft application OneNote is the solution. Conversely, there are OneNote users who tend to get lost in the many features and the flexibility of the program; their use of the program can be much more focused and efficient when they use their learning styles strengths as their points of departure. This paper presents the learning styles model of Drs. Rita Dunn and Ken Dunn and shows how to implement the model by using OneNote.”

So the choice is yours – Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles in an academic paper above, or the same information through sound and vision below. What does your choice say about your learning style?

OneNote and Learning Styles

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