Late at night, at BETT

Last week, late one evening, we hatched a plan. What about a BETT flashmob? All of those crazy polo shirt colours* suddenly turning up en-bloc at another stand suddenly, performing and disappearing.

Sadly, the idea seemed a little bit too much to organise the next morning (the sober light of day?), but we thought we’d hold the idea for next year.

Obviously, T-Mobile started planning a bit earlier – take a look at this video of their flashmob at Liverpool Street Station, filmed for an advert.

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I’m not sure how I’d have felt if I’d been standing in the middle of the concourse at the time. Given my historical aversion to anything ‘disco’, I’d have probably broken out into a cold sweat.

* Footnote: Obviously, when I refer to “crazy polo shirt colours”, I’m thinking of Promethean’s orange, and Dell’s vivid pink. Perhaps I should insist we wear sunglasses when we choose our colour for next year, so that we’re not put off by the garishness of the choices.

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