Using Windows 7 Direct Access to connect teachers to your school network securely

Ever since Windows 7 was launched, I’ve had a steady stream of people asking me if I know of schools who have implemented Direct Access. Direct Access allows you to setup your staff laptops so that teachers can always have secure access to your school network wherever they are, but without forcing them to use…


Top 10 reasons Office 2010 is good for schools

I’ve been using Office 2010 for a few months now, and over time I’ve realised that there is a lot of clever stuff hidden inside this new version. When I say “hidden”, I mean that in a positive way. One of the big things with Office 2010 is that there are a huge number of…


Kristen and Stuart get an EduBlog nomination for Teaching Ideas and Resources blog

Talk about hiding your light under a bush. I’ve just found out, through reading the pages of EduBlog awards site, that our Teaching Ideas and Resources blog, written by Kristen and Stuart, has been shortlisted in the “Best elearning/corporate education blog 2009” category. If you’re not sending staff in your school to their blog, then…


Are teachers really losing confidence with ICT?

Earlier in the year, BESA reported that teachers confidence with using ICT had fallen by 10%. Which sounds dramatic, and was described by some writers as ‘alarming’. But is it? Well, here’s the data for the last 11 years – from research done by the old DfES until 2004, and data from BESA from 2002….


A plain English Guide to Data Protection

I keep an eye on the Information Commissioner’s Office press releases on their website (in the hope that we’re not going to see schools appearing too often), where I suspect they have a busy Press Officer producing a constant stream of news (last 2 weeks : Recruitment firms fined; mobile phone customers record sold illegally;…


£750M of savings in schools – and some ideas to get started

Yesterday, at the SSAT Conference, Ed Balls took to the stage to talk about the need for more efficient resource management in schools. The Guardian kicked off the coverage this morning, with their dramatic headline “Ed Balls tells schools to make £750M savings” (probably NOT the headline he wanted to see as he faced 2,000…


Windows 7 multi-touch at BETT

One of the nice features in Windows 7 that’s not had much coverage is multi-touch. I think this is mainly because few of us have multi-touch laptops or screens. However, when you see it in action, it’s the kind of thing that makes you think “I want one of those”. Last year we had a…


How to make a beautiful school SharePoint site

On Monday I shared some UK Education SharePoint websites that I described as beautiful, and which had been created by UK education establishments. And the opinion around the office was that the Twynham School Sixth Form website was the most astonishing one (in fact, half a dozen times I was asked by Microsoft colleagues “Are…


Putting an interactive map onto your school website

A little while ago, Microsoft acquired Multimap (which I liked, because Multimap was my favourite way of getting directions and decent maps). And you may have noticed over the last few months that Multimap and Bing maps have been getting closer together, and now they’ve become the same thing, and the ways to display a…


Making a beautiful SharePoint site for a school

I know that lots of people are using SharePoint in their school – or have it provided to them by their local authority. When you install SharePoint “out of the box”, it is fair to say that it isn’t something that whacks you between the eyes shouting out “I’m beautiful. Look At Me!”. But that’s…