Internet Explorer patch – time to roll it out

I’m sure you’ve already got this covered, but just in case you have missed it, we released the update for Internet Explorer overnight to resolve the security glitch that the BBC et al have been getting all frothed up about.

If you’ve got automatic updates set up on your own computer, or your school network, then it’ll be heading straight down the Internet to you now, but if for some reason you haven’t then pop across to the Microsoft Security Response Centre blog at to read more about it, and actions to take.

“…we released security update MS08-078, protecting customers from active attacks against Internet Explorer. This update will be applied automatically to hundreds of millions of customers through automatic updates over the next few days. And, for our enterprise customers - with multiple systems within their networks – this update can be deployed through all standard security update management systems including, SCCM, SMS, WSUS, and Windows Update.”

You may also want to drop an email around staff to check they have Automatic Updates setup on their home computers – you’ll help them to keep themselves safe online. (A little more advice for staff at home later today)

I know – it’s nearly the end of term and you were looking forward to a quiet week before the little darlings leave you alone for a fortnight (do I mean teachers or students?) to get on with your string of upgrades, changes and system backups. But if nothing else, making sure you’ve updated will mean you can shorten every corridor conversation with people who say “What about this thing I heard on the radio…”

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