The Imagine Cup – extended to Secondary Schools in the UK

IC09_CorporateLogo_standardEvery year we run a global competition called the Imagine Cup. It has traditionally been aimed at university students, and each year one team from the UK has made it to the global finals, held in a far-away place (okay, France last year, but Egypt in 2009). This year, entry has been extended to students who are 16 or over, meaning that you could enter a Sixth Form team.

The team that have put this together have made sure that it is attractive by adding a guaranteed prize for somebody in your school, in the IT Challenge Round One. Because if you enter into the Round One quizzes, the top student wins a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate or Office 2007 Ultimate.

Interested? Read on…(or send this straight to your favourite IT teacher)

The IT Challenge is a fun quiz based around general IT knowledge, that aligns to most IT courses. The quiz is held online at scheduled times throughout December and January and students would compete on the site.

The next round is on Saturday 20th December, so there’s a chance to promote this to your students this week, and get them to enter online next Saturday when they’ve broken up (now because this is a global competition, we’ve tried to find globally-friendly times – which may be a challenge in this round – 16-year olds at 8am on a weekend – might not be UK-friendly!) But it’s a chance for them to win a Christmas present!

There are 3 remaining Round One quizzes left in this year’s Imagine Cup so it is important to get as many of your students registering and attending one of the timetabled events: image

Round 1 Quiz

Date and Time


20th December 2008 8:00 AM


14th January 2009 10:00 PM


31st January 2009 12:00 PM

The highest scoring student from your school/college will be eligible to win a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate or Office 2007 Ultimate. We will monitor the scores of those schools who have told us they are taking part only, and contact the highest scoring student after each quiz to arrange delivery of their prize.

So here’s what to do

To get your students involved, you need to let the team know that you are taking part with the following information:

  • Name of teacher/lecturer, email address
  • Number of students in class
  • School name

And then just email this information to

The Imagine Cup folks have put together this email that you can forward to your students and there is a competitor’s guide to help the students get started with the IT Challenge.

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