BBC website makes Orwellian changes

Yesterday I wrote about the Rose Review of the primary curriculum, and made mention of the BBC’s website headline “Lessons in being happy proposed”, which I linked to the full article. Of all of yesterday’s headlines, the BBC article seemed to be the most combative. Well, no longer. Although the link sends you to the same article, the headline has changed to the very worthy “Primary school subjects overhaul” – and the content has changed too, to something a little less opposed.

What makes this Orwellian, is that according to the BBC website, this page hasn’t changed since 5:30am yesterday – 4 hours BEFORE it said “Lessons in being happy proposed”.

So either I’m going mad, or the BBC re-wrote the page without ‘fessing up. I imagine that there were some corridor conversations between the BBC and the DCSF to try and generate a more balanced report. That’s twice that has happened to pages I’ve written about here (the Becta Information Security pages had the same phenomenon). I’m going to take a screenshot next time, so you don’t think I’m going mad.

Oh, and good news. Yesterday I said that the report wasn’t available online. Well, now the report is available from the Review website.

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  1. Headline re-writes are quite common on BBC News, as are modifications to the article itself, and they are rarely acknowledged. Although I do read BBC News daily, I am careful to take anything they publish with a pinch of salt; it’s hard to trust a news source in which the vast majority of articles are completely uncredited.

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