Improving Information – and controlling it – Capita’s One Conference

Yesterday, Jason Burton and I went along to the Capita One conference in Leicestershire to talk about “Business Intelligence” and “Information Rights Management”. In real English, that means "how do we turn this mass of data into real information” and “how do we keep some control over how people distribute it”.

The audience was a wide range of local authorities from England, from the teams that run the central local authority education systems. Jason, who’s from our local government team, doesn’t normally work in the education area – he’s more usually with the Corporate IT teams of the local authorities (and the differences between ‘corporate IT’ and ‘education ICT’ are many!)

There were three parts to our presentation – a quick quiz on the new Information Handling rules from Becta, and then a jaunt across Business Intelligence (the ways that you can provide reporting to individuals within an organisation, where they can delve into data themselves, without having to give them access to all the individual data) and Information Rights Management (how Office can help you to manage who sees what, and what they do with the information you share with them).

In amongst all of the serious stuff about data sharing, the bit that made me happiest was discovering the “Do Not Reply All” function in Outlook – so that I can now set that for any email. That is brilliant. Now, if only I could find a way to remove the Reply All button from other people’s Outlook menu for all of their emails…

The presentation is below. A little later today, I’ll add a couple of links to related web pages (sorry, rushing out to catch a train right now!)

(If you’re looking at this through an RSS reader, here’s the link)

ps Do you think I should turn my Quiz slides into a web quiz for Christmas – one to share with the head teacher?

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