Top Ten Blog Posts

I had a look back at my blog statistics this morning, and thought you might be interested to see the Top 10 blog posts from this blog – just in case you missed any of them

Rank Date Title Link
#1 June 07 Shift Happens/Did you Know
This was #1 by a mile!
#2 Sept 07 How to get the best deal on Microsoft software in Education View
#3 Oct 07 Bolton's BSF Conference View
#4 Jun  08 Free Office 2007 classroom posters View

Feb 08

How robust does a laptop for education have to be?


#6 Sep 07 Thin Client, Rich Client or hybrid?  View
#7 Jun 07 Handwriting development on a Tablet PC View
#8 Feb 08 Shift Happens and Freezing Frogs View
#9 Apr 07 Moodle on SharePoint View
#10 Jan 08 Another BETT Learning Gateway story View

I can’t vouch for these being the absolute best of my blog posts – but I do remember them all as being interesting ones to write!

  • It was no surprise to me to see the Shift Happens download post as number one – I still get lots of email from people who are seeing it for the first time, and comment or ask for more information.

  • The #2 “How to get the best deal…” post is one I can still remember writing. I couldn’t sleep one night, and actually wrote this at 5am, simply because I couldn’t believe how complicated we can make licensing (apols to my professional colleagues who write official licensing information, but really, do you expect people to understand it?)

  • And #4, “Free Office 2007 Classroom Posters”, shows up quite high in Google rankings – let’s face it, anything with the words “free”, “classroom” and “posters” is bound to be popular! By the way, I’ve just received new stock of posters, so if anybody still wants them, let me know.

  • My favourite (apart from those) has to be #8 “Shift Happens and Freezing Frogs” – it’s just a shame that my photo of frogs frozen in a block of ice wasn’t good enough for the blog.

Anyway, happy reading.

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