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Woke up early this morning. I don't get a daily newspaper delivery, and it was absolutely bucketing it down - hence no trip to the newsagent. So instead I settled down with my TES to catch up with all the latest news. And suddenly I found myself staring at a reference to this blog - in the "5 things to think about this week" section.

Somebody at the TES has obviously been reading the blog, and referred to all of the Information Security posts that I've been writing recently. So, if you've arrived via page 37 today, then welcome!

If you're looking for the information security information, then start on this page - it's got the latest posting, plus a link to all of the other blog posts about information security. Mind you, if you're reading this at the weekend too, get yourself a cup of tea first - it's a long read!

And if you want to skip straight to Ed the Fed's article, jump here. (Ed the Fed is the Microsoft UK Chief Security Advisor, and as his nickname suggests he's got an interesting background that means his advice is robust!)

Whilst we're on the subject of the TES, which drops through my letterbox every Friday, here are my thoughts, for what they're worth:

  • What I like about the TES:

    • The Magazine (even as a non-teacher)

    • The "5 things..." section

    • The stories about the latest teacher who's ended up in front of the GTC (this week's is astounding!)

    • The analysis (this week, the Jim Knight article is great, and you know something's going right when the unions praise a minister!).

  • What I don't like about the TES

    • The FE section never seems to tell me anything really useful.

    • I wish I could get the version without the Job Ads, because my bin is always full with those on a Friday night.

    • They really haven't managed to re-capture the Ted Wragg moment - the back page which always made me smile

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