Following Chris Poole's article in SecEd, here are weblinks to the resources Chris mentioned:

Shift Happens

You can download a video file of the UK version of Shift Happens, and the PowerPoint version from:

BSF Showcase

The BSF Showcase is a visualisation of what a learning environment of the future could look like - similar to a ‘concept car’, it helps viewers to imagine what could be possible. It was created in partnership with Knowsley, Sandwell, Sheffield and Kent schools.

Download the short showcase video from here. You can read more about our BSF work, and download the longer video, from our Building Schools for the Future website

Innovative Schools case studies

The ‘Innovative Schools In-Depth Case Study’ resource is a series of ‘deep dive’ video case studies focusing on four exemplar UK schools. The chosen schools – one primary and three secondary - are pioneering transformations being made to the education system in terms of teaching, curriculum, innovative use of physical space and ICT to drive improved learning outcomes. These case studies are designed to inspire as well as provide practical steps on how schools can make similar changes of their own. All the resources are available through the Innovative Schools Network website:

There are also a range of other resources there, including evidence papers and transformation guides, designed to help school leaders with models and frameworks to help them envision and build robust plans for change.

Chris has also uploaded some of the resources he's used in workshops he's run with a number of  local authorities at . In here there is also New Line Learning’s own video which goes more deeply into their Learning Plaza experiences.

Finally there is an ongoing conversation and other resources at the UK Schools blog:

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