Want to see a laptop factory – next week?

imageErgo Computing have written to me to let me know that they’ve got an open day next week at their headquarters in Nottingham. There are two scheduled sessions – morning (10-12) and afternoon (2-4) – and in two hours you’ll get the chance to take a look at their latest products, as well as a tour of their production facilities. These days production facilities are normally kept closed to visitors, so if you’re in the area, and fancy a look, it’s worth finding the time (or rewarding a technician in school with a 2-hour pass out of the tech suite!)

FirstquotesErgo Computing UK are holding an open day on Thursday 13th November 2008, giving UK schools chance to get to grips with some of their latest technologies and innovations that could improve learning both today and in the future.

As the UK’s leading mobile computing manufacturer, Ergo operate out of one of the most technologically advanced notebook production facilities in Europe and are at the forefront of numerous exciting infrastructure service developments within the education arena.

They’re opening their doors for two sessions, morning and afternoon, giving:

  • Hands on time with Ergo’s latest Windows based products and innovations, such as the AS1 all-in-one desktop, MicroGlide range of UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs) and space-saving SecureDesks.
  • Practical, live VLE demonstration and a session on Free2teach - an all-in-one intuitive server management solution for the classroom.
  • The chance to tour Ergo’s production facility, see their assembly plant in operation and quiz technical experts regarding your ICT issues or future plans.

Informal and interactive, the day promises to give you ample time to handle Ergo’s new range of Windows based laptops, UMPCs and desktops – in addition to experiencing first hand key learning solutions and services such as VLE and Free2teach.

If you’re interested in attending, or would like more information on the event, please contact Hazel Winter by Monday 10th November 2008 on hazelw@ergo.co.uk. Alternatively please call on 0115 914 4144Endquotes

Link480ZUnfortunately I can’t get there, but I’d be interested in how things have changed in PC production.

When I first started working in IT, part of the induction programme for my new job in tech support was to spend a day on the factory floor and to build a computer (a Link 480Z with a massive 16KB of RAM and a 4Mhz Z80a processor). Letting people loose on the production line is not something that can be done these days I guess. Why?

Well, about six months later I took the support call from the customer who’d bought that machine. Turns out I’d missed an important washer…

Comments (3)

  1. davecoleman146 says:

    You don’t look old enough to have built one of those pc’s

  2. Mike Uppet says:

    I’m not sure how they claim to have ‘the technologically advanced notebook production facilities in Europe’ – The last time I went on a tour of the Ergo ‘factory’ it was all based upon bits of wood flying around a ‘robot’ that looked like it was made from giant Meccano. The whole setup looked rather dangerous and seemed very over the top for the 10 laptops they seem to build a day.

    It was really entertaining though – the Tech. Director was running around like Willy Wonker on heat praising his creation whilst his staff tried to hide their smirks of total embarrasment. If you get to see it go for the experience – but it may make you think about their laptops.


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