The Office team’s education site

image The team that bring you Office, now also bring you an Office for Education site – with a pile of tips and templates for using Office 2007.

Much of this is aimed at parents and children – with things like Academic Year photo calendar and Crabby’s back-to-school tips for parents, but there are some really nice templates that others around your school community could find useful such as the:

* Have checked and the PTA Agenda Template doesn’t look like any PTA meeting I’ve ever been to before. The ones I’ve been to have run to the following agenda:

    1. Wait 30 minutes, hoping somebody new will turn up
    2. Listen to people with good ideas, but have no time to do it themselves
    3. Break - Over chicory-flavour-coffee, note the names of new parents at the meeting
    4. Nominate new parents into all committee roles (except for Treasurer, which continues with the person who has the 2p-coin-counting fetish)
    5. Existing committee members vote new parents onto committee
    6. Discuss how to remove inter-village aggression tactics from tug-of-war. Do we ban spikes?
    7. Go down the pub
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