Fun with statistics 2 – Schools ICT Survey

imageFor years I’ve eagerly looked forward to the publication of the annual “ICT in UK State Schools” report from BESA (the British Education Suppliers Association), because it provides a valuable insight into what is happening across the majority of schools. It’s natural that we can only work directly with a small proportion of schools, and as a result many of them tend to be leading innovators. And, to be honest, it is possible to get a slightly distorted view of reality through that lens!

This year, BESA have made some of the research available publically on their website. Although you can’t see the full detail (unless you’re a member), you can now get some interesting average statistics. Things like average school ICT budgets:

  • The average primary school (from memory, average=240 pupils) has
    • An ICT budget which is forecast to be £15,850 in 2008/9
    • 55 computers – almost 40% of which are laptops
    • 9 interactive whiteboards
  • The average secondary school (from memory, average=860 pupils) has:
    • An ICT budget which is forecast to be £68,000 in 2008/9
    • 332 computers – of which a quarter are laptops
    • 25 interactive whiteboards

Although you have to be a member to download the full report, on this page, you can download the summary report for absolutely nothing.

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