At last, a blog for teachers

When I sit down and write for this blog, I’m aware that I’m really writing for people who are “in the know” in some way or another. As a reader, you probably are enthusiastic about ICT, and it’s probably in your job description somewhere (or everywhere?). And so I can make certain assumptions about what I write.

For a long time, I’ve been aware that on this blog I’m not really able to also write for teachers who aren’t ICT enthusiasts. If I tried to mix the content, I just don’t think it would work for anybody.


And so I was really happy when my colleagues Kristen Weatherby and Stuart Ball wanted to get started on a Teachers blog for teachers in England, Wales and Scotland. I’ve been working with them to get it started and it’s now up and running. You’ll find that it has got lots of useful info that you can share with your teaching colleagues (or use yourself if you’re a teacher).

The posts that are up so far are introductions to Kristen and Stuart, and then to the Innovative Teachers Network, where we are building a community of like-minded teachers, keen to learn from and share with others. Here are Kristen & Stuart’s first posts:

  • Teaching around the world...and right here at home
  • From Classroom to Microsoft
  • It’s the Innovative Teachers Network, but not as we know it!
  • A cure for the lesson-planning blues
  • Communities, the Heart and Soul of ITN
  • Celebrating Innovative Teachers
  • Travel the World and meet interesting people … Innovative Teachers
  • The Virtual Classroom Tour – What on earth is it?

Take a look for yourself

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