Jersey e-Learning Day

Yesterday I went to (not so) sunny Jersey, where the roads are narrower than my rural broadband pipe! Although I was only there for 24 hours, I got to see the whole island – mainly as a result of the air display, which forced me to return to the airport via the “long” route.

It was a great day, with lots of good presenters and presentations, and I really enjoyed listening to all of the speakers.

My humble contributions are below.

For the first time in months, I used the Shift Happens presentation, because most of the audience hadn’t already seen it. It was a relief that nobody else used it before me – the last couple of conferences I went to started with the conference chair saying “I don’t know where this came from, but I wanted to share this video I saw at another conference” – and then I sit through my own presentation; and also have to go off and change my presentation, because I obviously can’t use it twice!

The presentation that I gave, themed around “The New World of Learning”, is below – of course, it’s not the same without the story that goes with it, but yet again I forgot to take my Zoom H2 recorder to make the soundtrack. Next time!

imageimage The conference was hosted at Grainville School in St Helier, which has a fantastic recent entrance and set of ICT suites. Unlike all new school buildings in England, it doesn’t have an atrium (go Jersey, show your independence from the current atrium-fetish on the mainland!)

What it did have was a fantastic art installation in the foyer from one of the students. I couldn’t resist create a Photosynth of it, because it was truly astonishing – a massive white cross, adorned with barbed wire, and surrounded by a sea of ‘blood’ – created by Demi-Lee Thompson

Sadly, for the minute nobody in the school in Jersey will be able to see it – the Jersey broadband service has filtered Photosynth out! Hopefully somebody there will be able to add it to the safe sites list.

I’ve also heard that other education broadband providers have filtered out Photosynth – which seems really bizarre, when you consider the content. If you’re Internet connection has it filtered, add a comment to this post, saying which provider you have, and we can all see if there’s a common thread!

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  1. arichards says:

    Our provider is E2BN.

    Its not so much the Photosynth site that is filtered, I can get to that. Its the underlying resource site thats blocked

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