What Photosynths would help your teaching?

How about something to help your teaching colleagues. Now that you know what Photosynth can do, are there any places that you’d really like a Photosynth of, to use in a lesson?

I’m currently sitting at a desk between the marketing managers for Health and Government, and I’d be happy to ask them to get one of their customers to create a synth. But what would be useful? What other types of Photosynth would you want? Although I don’t know them all, I bet I could find somebody in Microsoft who deals with organisations that would have interesting buildings or locations for Photosynthing.

Here’s some ideas:

Add your thoughts by adding a comment, or dropping me an email, and I’ll see if I can get some going…

Comments (2)

  1. arichards says:

    I have a few ideas on top of your 3.

    The MS Campus UK especially building 5


    Police Station


    Houses of Parliment

    10 Downing Street

    That should do for now !!

  2. alexjones says:

    get the national trust and english heritage to photosynth all their buildings – a small task -shouldn’t take too long…

    a few cathedrals

    stock exchange

    operating theatre

    globe theatre

    hms victory

    …just off the top of my tiny mind

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